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North Shore Group a Strong Community Member

There's nothing more precious than your children. It's not a tough concept to get your arms around, but the Highland Park-based North Shore Auto Group has involved itself in a series of community programs that speak volumes to their commitment to the safety of children.

"As part of a Safety Fair we produced in January, we have teamed up with one of the nation's leading child safety programs, SIP Kids, to provide free FBI-quality fingerprints and photographs for parents," said Carey Chicerneo, co-owner of North Shore Auto Group. "I can't think of a program that could be more important."

With some of the most advanced equipment in the country utilized, absolutely no personal information is requested and all records are given directly to the participating parents for safe keeping.

"Police officials say time is critical in the recovery of missing children," said Carl Ritz, dealer principal of North Shore Auto Group. "A major factor to help officials find these kids is shortening the time it takes to gather fingerprints, current photos and statistical information to start the process of reuniting them with their parents. Whatever we can do to assist our community in this respect is just being a good neighbor."

Also participating in the Safety Fair was the Kyle David Miller Foundation, which educates the public about motor vehicle car seat safety and the importance of the use of 5-point harness car seats for older toddlers and children. The foundation has been featured on ABC Network's "Good Morning America." Numerous YouTube videos produced by the group help raise funds to provide child safety seats for families who otherwise could not afford them. While they are providing the first 100 seats for families on a waiting list, North Shore Auto Group has reached out to the Highland Park business community for help to acquire more. The foundation has nearly 300 families on a waiting list and is constantly processing more applications.

"We're proud to be part of a community that gets involved," said Chickerneo. "It's programs like this from our fellow dealers across Chicagoland that help make a difference-and that makes us feel great."

After their first event in January '08, North Shore will be teaming up with the Chicago Botanical Gardens for a repeat of their Safety Fair in June.