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Kelly Nissan and Laird Rencher

Every year, Kelly Nissan salesman Laird Rencher asks his local church to help him identify a family in need of transportation.

"While public transportation is available to most, it would be hard to find anyone who wouldn't benefit from the availability of their own vehicle," said Rencher. "Our mission has been to provide the freedom of personal transportation to a family in need."

While Rencher can't afford to donate a new vehicle, he attempts to find a safe, reliable and economical used vehicle for donation each year. The joy of such generosity has been so very much appreciated.

"We saw what Laird was doing and decided it was a great idea," added Ryan Kelly, owner of the Oak Lawn dealership.  "So we decided to get into the mix, as well. At first we'd help with the cost of the car, but it's grown into such a rewarding program that we now identify a second family and give a second car. Employees like Laird are evidence that the sales staffs at dealerships are just as involved as dealers. We're proud that he's been part of our business family."